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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: As always, we need more volunteers and due to the programs growth it is even more important
than ever that more parents get involved. While growth has many benefits, it also creates challenges. While our growth of player participation has been consistent with the clubs goals, member participation, unfortunately, has not experienced the same growth. When you sign your child up to play Lacrosse you automatically become a member of our family. As a member of our family, we urge you to participate in being a part of the continued growth of our organization. While you may feel the only volunteer opportunities are coaching in the sport, there continues to be so many vacant volunteer opportunities that are left to your coaches to fulfill. This can leave a heavy burden for the few. Volunteer positions may include assistant coaches, team parent, fundraising activities, public relations and other fun positions. Many hands make light work, so if you have interest in advancing the growth of our organization, and want to spend quality time with your child, please consider volunteering to help coach or to help with many of the other tasks necessary to create the opportunity for the kids to play.   If interested, you can contact us via email at or simply indicate you would like to help on the registration form and you will be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinators.